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Vitiligo is a perplexing condition that can have a significant impact on a person’s appearance and self-esteem. This skin disease is characterized by patches of skin that have lost their natural pigmentation, causing the skin to appear lighter than the surrounding skin or turn white. While vitiligo is not life-threatening, this condition can cause psychological stress for those who have it, leading many people to seek out treatment options.


At Dr. Waris Anwar Aesthetics, we specialize in vitiligo treatment. Our team of experienced dermatologists offers a range of treatments to help patients manage their vitiligo effectively. The first step in treating vitiligo is to evaluate the extent and severity of the condition. Based on the patient’s individual situation, the dermatologists at Dr. Waris Anwar Aesthetics may recommend one or more treatments.

Common treatments for vitiligo include medications, light therapy, depigmentation therapy, surgery, and counseling. Medications and light sensitizers are often prescribed to help manage vitiligo symptoms. 

Light therapy, or phototherapy, involves the use of ultraviolet light to stimulate pigment production in the skin. 

Depigmentation therapy is a treatment option for those with extensive vitiligo that involves the removal of the remaining pigment in the skin.

In some cases, surgery may be recommended to help restore pigment to the skin. Counseling can also be beneficial for those dealing with the psychological stress that often accompanies vitiligo. 


Overall, at Dr. Waris Anwar Aesthetics, we are committed to helping our patients find the best treatment options to manage their vitiligo and restore their confidence. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and support to achieve optimal outcomes for our patients.

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