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Indulge in the beauty of shaped lip and colored lip under Dr. Waris Anwar Aesthetic. These cutting-edge procedures epitomize lip enhancement and naturally highlight your lips producing an eternal glistening, kissable pout that brings together facial harmony.  It is a collection of subtle colors, skillfully applied to create a healthy flush in women’s lips.

At DR. Waris Anwar Aesthetics, we believe in redefining your lip for you and not against you. Lip blushing is a method done lightly on the lips to generate an almost invisible and natural color shade. A tint should give color, definition, and youthful vibrance to your lips without the punch of a full lipstick.

Our Lip Blush and Lip Tattoo is a permanent solution that aims at giving one long-term aesthetic enhancement. Defining the lip contour with subtle color is the ultimate goal of Dr Waris Anwar Aesthetics using the latest tattooing methodologies. Lip Tattoo ensures that your lips are beautiful at all times as they do not require constant re-application because it is designed according to your preferences each time.

Lip enhancements at Dr. Waris Anwar Aesthetics are based on the fusion of perfection and artistry. Our team is led by Dr. Waris Anwar who has pioneered aesthetic medicine. He ensures that we have perfected the advanced methods used in Lip Blush and Lip Tattoo. Each application embodies our devotion to lipstick that not only appears gorgeous but also feels extremely realistic.

Recognizing that each person’s style is different, means an initial consultation to decide upon colors that are best suited to your own skin tone and preference of color. Before settling on the colors, Dr. Waris Anwar Aesthetics makes the effort to ensure that the selected shades compliment you as a whole person, making it possible for you to let your uniqueness shine via beautifully refined lips.

We do our lip blush and lip tattoo services in top-class facilities that are hygienic, comfortable, and convenient for you. Walk into the elegance of our clinic while transforming your lips into lusciously, beautifully defined ones.

At Dr. Waris Anwar Aesthetic, our Lip Blush service has the perfect blend of brightness and softness. Carefully selected hues of tint hybrid harmony give you natural-looking lips, which is a classic and current look. It entails building layers of pigments over your lip color thus producing a personalized hue for matching with your skin pigmentation. Enjoy lip blush at Dr. Waris Anwar Aesthetics and every application becomes a stroke of beauty.

Our lip tattoo service provides accurate and permanent results, especially for people who are searching for a more long-term solution. Dr. Waris Anwar Aesthetics outlines & and fills your lips, using modern techniques while your lipstick outlives time. The procedure is specifically designed according to each person’s lip shape and color intensity for a perfect blend into their individual natural beauty.

Dr. Waris Anwar Aesthetics goes beyond aesthetics and gives you power with beautiful lips. Our lip Blush and Lip tattoo can enhance your confidence no matter whatever option you prefer with subtle seduction or lasting style. Leave our clinic with lips that are not only beautiful but also symbolic of your confidence in your uniqueness.

The procedure for your lip enhancement does not stop there. Aftercare is an imperative element that ensures that your lips stay strong and shiny at all times. We provide professional counsel on personal skincare regimens and servicing to ensure your beautiful lips are forever youthful.

Your happiness is our motto at Dr. Waris Anwar Aesthetics. We offer our lip enhancement using a customer-oriented mode, making sure your needs and worries are considered during each stage of the process. Let us assure you that your pleasure will be unforgettable; leave you with lips that are both beautiful as well as natural feeling. Book an appointment with us and transform your look now.

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